What Are the Different Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures?

There are 6 main types of ceiling lights fixtures. They are chandeliers, flush lamps, pendants, semi-flush lamps, recessed lights, and track lights.


Chandeliers are ornamental light fixtures usually mounted on ceilings or walls. They are often ornate and use incandescent light bulbs. But, some modern chandelier designs use fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

Placing these lights in ceiling areas add to the sophistication and splendor of the room. Chandelier lighting fixtures are beautiful and stylish.

Flush Lamps

A flush light is a dome-shaped light fixture that’s mounted flush to the ceiling. It is one of the most common ceiling lights used anywhere in the home, more so in small spaces with low ceilings.


A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. This type of ceiling lighting hangs by a cord, chain, or metal rod.

Semi Flush Lamps

A semi-flush lamp is decorative and the base of the light extends below the ceiling. They look like pendant lights, but they don’t hang as low.

Recessed Lights

A recessed light or downlight is a light fixture installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. Recessed lights are great options for low ceilings as they do not extend down from the ceiling.

Track Lights

Track lighting is a type of lighting where a series of light fixtures placed on a long track system light an area. The lights are moveable and can be directed to illuminate other areas as needed.