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15 Different Types Of Ceilings – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re looking to change your house ceiling, then there are different types of roofs that you’d want to consider before doing so. Ceiling styles can vary by the kind of house, the room, and even by the type of siding that you choose.

Types of Ceilings

Below are the different ceiling types that you can choose from. Each of the following types of ceiling designs can be used in so many ways. Hence, the design possibilities are endless.

Conventional Ceilings

These types of ceilings are the basic go-to design for any home. It’s usually 8 feet high, which allows it to fit with standard construction materials.

Most conventional ceilings have a simple flat surface that’s usually painted. The surface can be easily decorated, much like the walls in your home. The most common types of finishes for this ceiling design are plaster, drywall, or Artex.

An example of a regular ceiling/conventional ceiling type.
Regular Ceiling/Conventional Ceiling.

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are elevated, and this type of ceiling design includes cathedral ceilings, shed roofs, and many other kinds of elevated ceilings.

Their characteristic design is that they are high and the sides are sloped equally and form an upside-down V shape at the highest point.

These types of ceilings allow you to add a roomy feel to a room. However, the vaulted ceilings are difficult to paint, and changing the light fixtures can be challenging.

Vaulted ceiling design.
Cathedral Ceiling.

Tray Ceilings

These kinds of ceilings are cut out and look like a series of trays. Tray ceilings are a popular choice for kitchens and dining rooms.

They are great if you want to add a dramatic design to a room or improve basic aesthetics. For very high ceilings, a double tray ceiling is used (see image below).

Tray ceiling in a bedroom.

Shed Ceilings

Shed ceiling styles are common in attics. These ceilings are slope-like and slanted on one side. They are steep but not as steep as other elevated ceilings like the cathedral.

Because these ceiling types are not as steep as other vaulted ceilings, they allow for better insulation and ventilation.

Contemporary Living Room by Cultivation Design Build with Shed Ceiling Style.
Contemporary Living Room by Cultivation Design Build

Drop Ceilings

These ceiling types are also known as suspended ceilings. Basically, these are flat ceilings built below an existing ceiling.

Drop ceilings are normally used to cover up wiring, plumbing, or other mechanical fixtures from an old ceiling.

Coffered Ceilings

This ceiling type has a waffle-like design that is actually a series of sunken panels with a boxed beam around them.

Coffered ceiling treatments can take the shape of rectangles, squares, or octagons and they are quite decorative and eye-catching.

coffered ceiling design.

Coved Ceilings

Coved ceilings have a curved molding that rises up from the main walls in the room all the way up to the main ceiling. It has curved edges that create a dome-like design.

Beam Ceilings

These types of ceilings leave the beams exposed. Usually, a beamed ceiling is made of exposed timber but they can also be made of other materials.


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