8 Awe-Inspiring Types of Basement Ceilings

Your basement does not have to have a drop ceiling or drywall. There are many other types of basement ceilings to consider.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling that has two fundamental parts – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track.

Though costly, this type of ceiling is easy to install. You can do it yourself or get help. In the end, what you’ll have is a great looking basement ceiling.

Suspended Ceiling

This is also known as a drop ceiling. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ceilings to install. However, there are a few disadvantages (hence why we have this list of alternatives):

  • You lose 3-5 inches of ceiling height
  • You might not like the way they look

Acoustic Tile Ceiling

Acoustic ceiling tiles are perfect for noise control both to and from your basement. They’re easy to install as the installation is similar to that of a suspended ceiling.

Acoustic Tile Ceiling

Drywall Ceiling

Drywall ceilings are great if you want to match the overall decor of your basement. However, these ceilings restrict access to plumbing, wires, and basically anything else buried behind it.

Another thing is that drywall ceilings are particularly troublesome and time-consuming to install. If you’re not worried about getting access to anything under the ceiling then it’s great to keep a natural-looking basement ceiling.

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Corrugated Steel Ceiling

This basement ceiling style gives an industrial feel. They are easy to install and you can even mix them with other ceilings. For example, you can have a mixture of wooden and steel ceiling.

steel sheet basement ceiling
corrugated steel basement ceiling
corrugated steel and wood ceiling

Exposed Basement Ceilings

These can be exposed pipes, exposed beams, exposed wood, or what have you. Of course, you’d have to add a bit of paint to make these look good. It’s another great option if you want an industrial ceiling feel.

Box Ceiling

Box ceilings are easy to set up if you already have wooden beams in the roof. It’s a good solution as you simply have to integrate the existing ceiling features into the boxed design.

Wooden Plank Ceiling

Wooden basement ceilings are ideal for budget-conscious homeowners. You can use reclaimed wood, different types of plywood, or the sort. It’s even easier to install if you already have support beams. Perfect if you want to have a warm cozy ambiance.

After choosing the ceiling type you can for your basement, you can go ahead and design the entire basement to fit your look. You can use a variety of colors with any of the above options so there’s always something to match your decor.