Stylish/Simple Drop Ceiling Alternatives

9 Drop Ceiling Alternatives Everyone Should Try

If you’re looking for an alternative to a drop ceiling that will add to the beauty of your home then here are 10 interesting drop ceiling alternatives that you can try.

Drop ceilings go by many names. There are known as false ceilings, suspended ceilings, etc. The main purpose of this type of ceiling is purely cosmetic. It is used to hide exposed pipes, wiring, etc.

However, they can reduce the amount of space in a room as well as the overall height of the room. They also deteriorate faster than regular ceilings.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels, are construction materials, which are used to decorate or cover ceilings. They are customizable given that you can get them with imprints or have your own design imprinted.

They also come in a variety of colors or can be painted. They’re usually made of nonporous material which means that mold and rust won’t be an issue.

You can use a variety of tiles here. For example, tin tiles or PVC tile. PVC is durable; water mildew, and mold resistant while tin tiles are very thin, making it easier to add insulation with the least height degradation.


When you’re looking at options other than suspended ceiling ideas for your roof, drywall is usually the most recommended alternative. They are a tad bit more expensive than a drop ceiling but they are just as easy to install.

With drywall, you can easily install any type of lighting, paint it in your favorite color and repaint it later if you feel like you need a change.


Another inexpensive drop ceiling alternative is the use of one of the many types of plywood. Just like the above options, you can paint the plywood in any color you want. Plywood can also be stained.

Wooden Planks

If you want a uniform look for you home then matching the ceiling with the floor is a great idea. Wooden planks can be stained to any color so they can mimic the wooden floors.

They cost more to purchase and install when compared to plywood and drywall but the rustic warm feel it creates in your home will be a welcome reward.


Beadboard is another inexpensive alternative to drop ceilings. Its usually used for walls but it can also be used to level out an uneven ceiling.

Beadboard comes in different colors and finishes so creating a custom ceiling for your home with it is pretty easy. It’s also easy to install on your own.

Corrugated metal

Corrugated metal ceilings are usually installed for aesthetics (at least in the United States), to achieve an Old World look from places that have used and still use corrugated metal roofs.

It is an economical, easy, and effective type of roofing in developing nations as well as developed nations.

Stained Glass

Stained glass ceilings are another great drop ceiling alternative but can be expensive to buy. You see these kinds of ceilings in churches and other religious establishments.

Painted Exposed Beams and Pipes

You can opt to leave your beams and pipes exposed and paint them to your liking. It’s a look that’s modern and an industrial feel to a room. The only caveat is that you may have trouble painting the ceiling if there are wires.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceilings are unique in that they can form unusual shapes that can be painted in different colors or decorated with various lighting.

Not only are they good for lighting but they are also good for soundproofing.