10 False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom

Remodeling or building a new bedroom can be a complex process but it doesn’t have to be. At least not for the ceiling. Here are some simple false ceiling designs for bedroom roofing.

Photo Gallery of False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom

A nice cozy bright and cheerful bedroom with a well designed false ceiling. Notice how the lights add to the overall ambiance of the room.

This homey bedroom sits in an attic with a large comfy bed, modern bookshelves, and a low-level table that houses a TV set. Notice how the lights hang suspended from the ceiling.

Adding your own stylistic touch to a room is essential when designing. This bedroom has a false ceiling in the form of a tray ceiling. Notice the brick walls and art.

This room lets the light in with a few blinds. Well, its blinds all around. The natural light adds a beautiful touch to the silver/white walls and decor.

A lovely suspended ceiling above a large roomy bed that has a view of the city out the window.

Notice how the design of the drop ceiling blends with the other decor of the room like the curtains and sheets. The wall paint also complements the flooring nicely.

The light shades of the green and blue mix and match perfectly with the darker shades in this bedroom. Above is a lovely gypsum ceiling with a suspended ceiling fan.

Another tray ceiling made of gypsum that has a beautiful design and well-placed lights.

Here’s a modern residential false ceiling design in a bedroom that enjoys semi-warm lighting that complements the yellow walls nicely.

This bedroom is in the attic. Above the bed is a well lit wooden suspended ceiling. The chandelier adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise rustic bedroom.

Your bedroom lets you escape into your own world. Therefore, you’d want to have a world designed to your liking. The bedroom interior must be comfortable and cozy. The decor, paint, lighting, and even the ceiling must match your personality and taste.