10 False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

False ceilings are an essential component of home construction. Not only does this type of ceiling add beauty to your home but it can keep away excess heat, cold, and noise.

A false ceiling (also known as a drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, etc.) can also be used to hide exposed or unsightly electrical wires, plumbing, etc. and installing a central air-conditioning system. Here are some simple false ceiling designs for living room spaces.

unique false ceiling living room interior decorating ideas

Above is a unique false ceiling living room interior decorating idea in the form of a tray ceiling.

false ceiling for living room designs

The above image depicts a multi-tiered drop ceiling with beautiful lighting. It rests above a mostly open space but it can also be used as an idea for a living room ceiling.

The living room is a place where you sit back and relax with family and friends. It should have a relaxing ambiance and have plenty of space for everyone to stretch out.

The key to a cheerful living room can all boil down to the lighting. A stretch ceiling can help create that soothing atmosphere.

Nothing is stopping you from having a customized design for your living room’s false ceiling. You don’t have to go with the regular plain colors like white and beige.

Simple false ceiling designs also work perfectly for smaller living room spaces like in flats or apartment buildings.

You can throw in a ceiling fan if you need a bit more cool air circulated throughout your living area.

Below you’ll see that a wooden plank ceiling is not out of the question. If your ceiling already has beams you can easily incorporate them into your drop ceiling design.

Classic looks are still popular. A nice chandelier and antique chairs adds a spec of history to any living room.

Matching the lighting of the room with the color of your ceiling and overall room decor can add some warmth as seen below.

Below is another example of a false ceiling that uses the existing wooden beams as part of its design.

A simple design is often enough to captivate an audience. Sometimes simplicity is the best option when it comes to room decor.

A simple and elegant setting is possible for your house even with the least amount of furniture and decorations.

But, you can still be simple with wall art, mirrors, and other ornamental elements.

Photo Gallery of False Ceiling Designs For Living Room

Whether you want a simple design that doesn’t take away from the other aspects of the room or an eye-catching design that commands the attention of the room, there’s a false ceiling that’s waiting to fulfill its purpose.