11 Dining Rooms With Tray Ceiling (Photo Gallery)

This gallery of images presents the best tray ceiling dining room designs/ideas. A tray ceiling is a popular type of ceiling treatment used to outfit any room adding depth and a decorative touch to a normal height ceiling.

What is a Tray Ceiling?

A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center section that is several inches (or several feet) higher than the areas around the border of the room. This design allows for the use of colors painted on the trim that can turn a bland ceiling into a focal point.

Tray Ceilings in Bedrooms: Pictures, Options, Tips & Ideas – HGTV

Tray Ceiling Dining Room Ideas

Dining room with tray ceiling design.
A chic dining room with a dining table and chair set that matches the wall design. This tray ceiling also blends nicely with the kitchen’s style designed by The McMullin Design Group.
A dining room designed by Landmark Homes featuring hardwood flooring and a tray ceiling. The dining table is matched with modern-stylish chairs.
This dining room, designed by High End Staging (HES, features a dining table with stylish seats set on tiled flooring that is surrounded by white walls and a tray ceiling of the same color.
A classic dining room set up with a rug covering the wood flooring. Above is a cream-colored tray ceiling with brown highlights. By Dawson Design Group
Roomy dine-in kitchen, designed by Meridith Baer Home, with hardwood flooring covered by a carpet. The circular dining table set sits under the tray ceiling lighted by chandelier lighting.
Large formal dining room area with hardwood flooring covered by a rug where the fashionable dining table and chairs are arranged. Designed by Cohen Inv, LLC.
Here’s a modern house with a charming dining table and chairs set illuminated by a beautiful chandelier installed on the room’s tray ceiling. By Environmental Dynamics, Inc.
A dine-in kitchen with a modish dining table and chairs set situated on the hardwood flooring. The home also boasts a tray ceiling.
A dine-in kitchen with a modern dining table and chair set placed on hardwood flooring. By Francesca Owings Interior Design.
A formal dining room boasting a glass top dining table lighted by two gorgeous chandeliers and are set on the tray ceiling.
A conventional dining room with a glass top dining table brightened by two grand chandeliers that are fixed into the tray ceiling. By MainBuilt.
Contemporary home with a dining table and chair set on a large rug covering the plywood flooring. There are two shelves with attractive wall decor in the middle. By Aspen Design Room.
A small circular dining table set irradiated by a dazzling chandelier dangling from a white tray ceiling. By Cutuli Homes.

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