10 Types of Antique Chairs Styles For Your Home

When we think about different types of antique chairs we think about the different styles of chairs designed and made within the last 500 centuries. Here are some examples and how to recognize them.


These are enclosed upholstered armchairs built with comfort as the main purpose. They have a long and wide cushioned seat. The backs can be square, round, curved, high, or low. The Bergère was first made in France during the 17th century and grew popular throughout the 18th century.

Fauteuil Chair

The fauteuil is a kind of antique furniture that has open sides. The word fauteuil is French for “armchair” and they were made in the late 1600s in France. The arms of this chair are usually upholstered to match that of the back and seat.

Slipper Chair

Any armless and upholstered chair that is low (in terms of seating) can be considered a slipper chair. Their backs are normally high and the seats wide. They were popular during the 18th century through the 19th century.

Wingback Chair

The wingback chair has evolved over the years and still remains a popular and sort after chair style to this day. They are usually tall as opposed to wide with two side panels or wings flanking the high back and closed panels under the arms.

Hitchcock Chair

This chair is named after its American developer Lambert Hitchcock. They had a rectilinear silhouette, round legs, and a sloped back with curved back rails. Hitchcock chairs were mass-produced during the 1820s and 1830s.

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Windsor Chair

This chair originated in the English town of Windsor in 1710. The Windsor chair is a type of wooden chair that has wooden seating where the back and sides are made up of many thin, bent rods attached to the seat. The legs are straight and point outwards.


The klismos chair has two sets of saber legs that flare outward in opposite directions. Its all connected by a curved back panel at shoulder height. These chairs were first developed in 5th-century Greece. 

Hogarth chair

These antique Victorian chairs feature hooped back, cabriole legs and splat back. The Hogarth chair was named after British artist William Hogarth.

Fancy chair

A fancy chair is an antique side chair that is painted and/or decorated with colorful stencils with an emphasis on gold. The Hitchcock chair is an example of a fancy chair.


The curule is a style of cross-based furniture, usually, a chair or stool. The legs are made up of two curved pieces joined in the middle, similar to a pair of interlocked U’s or a single wavy X.

Savonarola Chair

This antique chair style is a kind of X-frame chair. Savonarola chairs have two legs, sometimes comprised of many slats that cross each other and rise to form the arms creating the silhouette of a wavy X.