10 Beautifully Designed Chairs For Your Bedrooms

Modern bedroom chairs are a thing. Yes, there’s a bed that you can lie in but sometimes you just want to sit down for a bit. Here are 10 chairs for bedrooms that need a little more luxury rest and relaxation area.


If you’re running low on space then a loveseat is a good chair to place in your bedroom. The best space for a loveseat is at the end of your bed. This way you create a small sitting area without having to move other pieces of furniture around.


You can place armchairs at the foot of your bed or in the corners of the bedroom. These types of chairs also make perfect reading chairs. So, if you like to read, having one in your bedroom gives you another way to unwind into your favorite book.

You can create a dedicated reading area with one or two reading chairs (or armchairs) angled toward each other.  If you have space, add a small table between the chairs and you’ll have created a mini private lounge.

Chaise Lounge

Think of aa chaise lounge as a mini-bed. It’s simply a long chair that you’d normally see in the office of a psychiatrist. They are comfy and relaxing.

Side Chairs

Hear me out for a bit. Side chairs are normally used at the dining table but their simple design allows them to blend in easily into another room. What if you created a mini-desk area in your bedroom? With a side chair and desk, that’s all you need. You can even convert it into a mini-office area. It makes it easier to use your laptop and tablets without leaving your bedroom. The perfect quiet workspace.

Bed Chairs

Eh-hem. A bed chair is a chair that you place on the bed. They’re sometimes referred to as bed loungers. The whole idea is that the chair makes sitting up in bed easy and comfortable while also alleviating neck/back strain. They can also make for a comfortable reading chair if you prefer not to get out of bed.


The best place to put an ottoman is at the foot of your bed. That way, you can use the bed as a backrest. You can do this with a single ottoman or a pair of ottomans.

If you have tons of space then you can even throw a whole living room in your bedroom. This is especially common in master bedrooms. A sofa/couch or two with some reading chairs and a desk and voila! You have a comfy sitting area.

Rocking Chairs

These chairs used to be made entirely of wood. However, there are many modern designs that feature metal frames and upholstery.

Swing Chair

Call it a swing chair or hammock, if you find it more comfy to relax in motion, then installing a swing chair in your bedroom could be just the thing you need.

Egg Chair

Popularized in the 1970s alongside the Wingback chair, the egg chair adds a futuristic look any room (think The Jetsons)

Papasan Chair

If you like feeling wrapped out in soft cushion/fabric then the Papasan chair would fit nicely into your bedroom’s decor. They come in varying sizes so you have options when it comes to spacing constraints.