10 Beautiful Types Of Dining Room Chairs For Your Home

Getting the right dining chair for your dining room can seem like a difficult task. That’s because there are so many different types of chairs to choose from. However, here are some ideas to help you choose your perfect dining room chair.


These types of dining chairs are more suited for the head and foot of the table. As the name suggests, armchairs have arms that extend out from the side.

Side Chairs

Side chairs complement armchairs as they are placed along the sides of the table. Although, you can also place them at the head or end of the table if you so desire. Side chairs seldom have arms.

Parsons Dining Chairs

These chairs are usually upholstered and have a simple yet elegant design. The Parsons chair created in Paris in the 1930s, by a designer at the famous Parsons School of Design.

Wingback Chairs

These kinds of chairs feature wing-like structures that extend down the sides. Wingback chairs are comfortable and stylish.

Ladderback Chairs

These are a type of wooden chair that have horizontal slats on the back that resemble those of a ladder. Ladderback chairs come in many designs and styles to fit any set up whether contemporary or traditional.

Slat Back Chairs

These chairs are similar to ladderback chairs, however, the slat back chair has vertical slats instead of horizontal ones.

Queen Anne Chairs

These dining room chairs became popular during the 18th century. During this time, Queen Anne was the reigning monarch. Thus, the chairs, Queen Anne Chairs.

Windsor Dining Chairs

Vertical rods on a semi-circular pack are the key characteristics of Windsor chairs. You can also identify them by their springled legs.

Cross Back Chairs

These types of dining chairs feature an X shaped design on the back. Cross back chairs go well with most designs ranging from modern to country.

Lattice Back Chairs

These are another common type of open back chair. The lattice back chair has elaborately designed backs that are not constrained to cross back, ladderback or slat back designs. They can be patterned shapes, geometrical grids, or anything you can imagine.

Splat Back Chairs

The splat back chair has a centered “splat” that runs vertically down the chair back. The splat can have varying designs.

Keyhole Back Chairs

These styles are found with modern or contemporary decor. They are usually covered but also come without upholstery. The key feature is the center cut out in the back.