wooden chairs

7 Stylish Wooden Chairs For Your Home

Natural wood is a great choice for home decor. If you want your chairs to also have a natural look, then here are 7 stylish wooden chairs for your home that you can use.

Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is designed for outdoor use. The chair is characteristically made of wood. The first kinds had a flat seat and back made up of 11 flat wooden boards. Nowadays, a concave back and contoured seat are more common.

Modern Wood Chairs

These kinds of chairs have the following features:

  • Made of curved or bentwood.
  • Feature an organic feel with an emphasis on wood grain.
  • A sleek, smooth look.

Mission Style Chairs

A mission style chair has tall vertical slats that run up the back of the chair. The most common place you’ll see these types of wooden chairs is in the dining room. However, they can also fit well in a living room setting.

Windsor Chairs

These wooden chairs have a curved back that has thick rods in the middle that narrow toward the end. Windsor chairs have a solid wooden seat and there are seven main designs.

Ladderback Chairs

These wood chairs have evenly spaced horizontal slats on the back that look like the slats of a ladder. Hence the name ladderback chairs. They are also called wooden slat-back chairs. They are still popular among homeowners today.

Queen Anne Chairs

Queen Anne chairs can be any of several conventional wood chair types that have beautifully designed vertical slats, carved features, and bowed legs.

Rustic Wood Chairs

Rustic wood chairs are usually made from finished or unfinished logs or unhewn wood. They are versatile pieces of furniture given that they vary in look and style. Of course, if your overall home design is in rustic or a country design style then these chairs would go well with that.

Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a type of wooden chair with two arched bands fastened to the bottom of the legs, joining the legs on each side to each other. This allows you to rock back and forth. These chairs provide comfort and relaxation.