How To Activate YouTube With

You can activate YouTube on several devices other than your computer and smartphone. For example, you can set up YouTube on your Smart TV, PlayStation, Roku, and Apple TV.

The steps to using are basically the same across most devices and you will see below how easy it is to get an activation code and start using YouTube on your other devices.

www youtube com activate

  • To begin we need to open a browser on our desktop and go to
  • Sign in with the Google account associated with your YouTube account.
  • Then, open the YouTube app on the device that you want to set up (Roku, Xbox, Samsung TVs etc)
  • Click on the gear icon within the YouTube app or click on the sign-in option.
  • Sign in with the same Google account as above (if needed).
  • You should get an 8 digit code. Use this code to activate YouTube using the webpage in the previous steps.
  • Enter the code and click continue to allow access.

That’s it! You can now use YouTube on your device to browse your playlists, favorite music videos and more.

The same can be done for Showtime Anytime and Starz account holders. If you run into trouble such as redirect loops (on Chrome), you may need to clear Chrome’s cache.

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