How to load Facebook full site on mobile

Here are the steps to follow if you want to load the actual full desktop version of Facebook on your mobile phone’s browser (Android, iPhone).

A quick way to access the full Facebook website page is to go to on any mobile browser. However, you can also try the below method as well.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

A quick and easy way to load Facebook desktop version on mobile

  1. Open Facebook

    Go to on your mobile browser.

  2. Click the more options

    Tap on “More” and then tap on “Desktop Site.”

The full Facebook website as it appears on your desktop should now load on your mobile device (Android, iPhone).

If you are using Chrome, you may want to delete the cache files and data and then try the above steps.

Also, do not tap on the Facebook logo in the top-left corner nor tap on YOUR profile name. Doing so loads the mobile version of the page.

If you use LinkedIn, you can use similar steps to access LinkedIn’s full site on mobile.

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