15 Different Types Of Blinds – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re like me and you’re looking to buy new blinds for your home, then here are all the different types of blinds that you can find.

Different blind styles or shades are great for privacy or are more decorative in nature. And many people, myself included, prefer to use them instead of putting up different types of curtains at their windows.

Types of Blinds & Shades

Blinds and shades are used for the same thing. The subtle difference is that all blinds have individual slats or louvers which you can adjust up/down or side to side.

On the other hand, shades are made of a single piece of material (no slats/louvers) and you can only adjust them up/down. These are the different kinds of blinds in brief:

  • Vertical blinds
  • Roman shades
  • Roller shades
  • Venetian blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Solar Blinds
  • Skylight Shades
  • Mini Blinds
  • Micro Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds made of fabric.
Fabric Vertical Blinds (Longer version below)

These types of window blinds are vertical in length. You can tilt them to allow light to come in or for privacy.

It’s easy to adjust the louvers with the plastic wand that allows you to tilt and pull back the blinds.

They’re a great addition to any room and can also be used at regular doors, sliding glass doors, in addition to windows.

Vertical Blinds.

Pictured is the Fabric Vertical Blind (comes in different sizes) used to cover a large glass window in a living room area with different types of chairs.
Fabric verticals give you the simple look of drapes but bar sunlight, other light while adding warmth to any type of house.

Roman Shades

These types of shades are soft pleats of material which fold into a beautiful pelmet when pulled up.

They add a posh look to bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. However, they are flexible enough to be added to any room.

Roman shades are excellent for rooms which have a tendency to get cold. Most of them also have blackout and thermal linings. 

roman blinds in a bedroom.
Pictured is the Levolor Roman Shade which decorates your windows with luxurious designer fabric. It adds depth and dramatic display to any room.

Roller Shades

These kinds of shades have fabric that wraps smoothly around a tube at the top of a window. You can adjust these blinds using a sidewinder with a plastic chain to lift and lower.

Roller shades are one of the most versatile choices because you can get them in patterns and designs. You can also choose wipe-clean, flame retardant and PVC finishes.

Black roller blinds in a bar/cafe setting.
Pictured is a blackout roller shade that’s a great choice if you need total privacy and total light blockage.
You can get these ones in chic solids, trendy tweeds, bold stripes and fresh patterns (whatever you want to fit your decor).

Venetian Blinds

Levolor Faux Wood Venetian Blind
Levolor Faux Wood Venetian Blind.

These are made up of horizontal slats which tilt to regulate light and privacy. They’re a great choice for any room.

Venetian blinds are also easy to use. You tilt the rod to adjust the louvers for light and privacy. Or, use the cord to lift and lower the blinds.

Levolor Faux Wood Venetian Blind in a kitchen.
Pictured is the Levolor faux wood Venetian blinds. These are great if you want on-trend finishes that include sandblasted and stained colors with faux wood-grain textures. These blinds give you the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost. 

Pleated Shades

These types of window shades are made up of a single piece of material that forms an accordion-like or honeycomb pattern when lifted or lowered.

Pleated shades look similar to Venetian blinds, however, you can’t adjust them from side to side. Most of them are made of fabric or paper.

Levolor light filtering pleated types of shades.
Pictured is the Levolor light filtering shades. These specific shades offer insulation and privacy while allowing gently-filtered light into your home.
You can get them in many different colors, textures, and designs as well as a variety of sizes.

Solar Shades

Solar shades and roller shades are quite similar. Their main purpose is to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters into a room.

However, these types of window blinds are also perfect for reducing glare and incoming heat and protecting your furniture from UV rays.

Solar window shades
Pictured is a solar window shade that lets you see the view outside your window while protecting your from glare and controlling the amount of light that enters the room.

Skylight Shades

These types of shades you can get in many different styles like roller, pleated or cellular. Their design allows them to cover hard to reach windows (like skylights).

Cellular shades are particularly recommended for skylights because of their insulating features.

Cellular Skylight Shades.
Pictured is the Bali DiamondCell Blackout Cellular Skylights which allows you to give those hard-to-reach skylights the advantages of total light blockage and extra insulation.

Mini Blinds

These types of blinds work much like a Venetian blind. However, the slats on a mini blind are different in that they are much smaller. Mini blinds are usually 1-inch thick.

Mini Blinds
Mini Blinds

Micro Blinds

There are also micro blind styles that are smaller than mini blinds. These types of blinds are normally 1/2 an inch thick. These kinds of blinds work best for small windows and have more slats allowing them to close tighter for less light seepage. 

There are other types of blinds and shades but they fit into one of the above categories. For example, there are cordless blinds and any of the above can be a cordless blind.

You can also choose your type of shades and blinds depending on the features that you need. Whether it be to control lighting, increase insulation, or simply for decorative purposes.

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