25 Types Of Curtains For Different Rooms In Your Home

As a guy, I just pick out any old sheet and hang it up at the window as a curtain. My girlfriend, on the other hand, goes through all the different types of curtains and chooses one based on the type of room.

Who would have thunk that there were over 20 distinct curtain types that you can buy? Or that each had a specific room that it fit? Heck, she even puts them up by the type of window. Mind = Blown!

Types Of Curtains

If you ever need a guide to buying curtains then look no further. I’ll keep you up to date on the different curtain styles and types of drapes for your home.

Single Panel

My sister’s kid loves these types of window curtains. He runs across the room sliding the single panel from left to right and vice versa which “opens or closes” the curtain.

Wayfair Basics Solid Blackout Grommet Single Patio Curtain Panel
Wayfair Basics Solid Blackout Grommet Single Patio Curtain Panel – Wayfair

Single panel curtains are a single piece of curtain that covers the whole window. You can also see these curtains place at doors as well.

An example of a type of curtain called the single panel curtain.
Wayfair Basics Solid Room Darkening Grommet Single Patio Curtain Panel – Wayfair

Panel Pair

Curtains for home decor that’s traditional or contemporary are almost always panel pair curtains.

Types Of Curtains - The window curtain panel pair, an example.
Eclipse Twilight Luna Window Curtain Panel – Bed, Bath And Beyond

There are two separate pieces of curtain that you put up at your window on either side.

You can pull the curtains together to provide privacy or pull them apart to let some light in or have peep outside.

Window Treatment Sets

These are complete sets of curtain that also includes curtain rods, a valance, and everything else you need to decorate your windows (windows not included with purchase).

Kitchen Curtains - an example of window treatment sets, a type of drape or curtain.
Regal Home Collections Shabby Lattice Kitchen Curtains – Amazon


When I asked in a store what are short curtains called I was told a valance. Valances are short window curtains that you add as a decorative piece at the top of your drapes.

Wayfair Basics 54″ Window Valance – Wayfair

And, you can also put up a valance by itself and it will still look just like a regular curtain only shorter.

Window Scarf

No, your window won’t feel cold. It looks like a scarf you’d wear around your neck. It’s quite stylish actually.

Window scarfs are another one of those curtain top styles that adds a more modern look to your home decor.

It’s a thin piece of curtain fabric that falls from the top of your window like a scarf wraps around your neck and falls to your chest.

VCNY Infinity Sheer Window Scarf Valance – Overstock


Curtain liners are another type of drapery attachment that you can add to your curtains to add more privacy, block noise, light, etc.

Curtain liners are also that extra piece that you get with certain shower curtain sets. It helps keep water from spilling out and can add more privacy.

Some, like the RHF Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner, blocks out light and insulates.

Curtain Types by Opacity

So, those are the 6 main kinds of curtains. However, you can further customize your curtains based on the level of opacity.

There are three subcategories of opacity. Here’s what you need to know about each of them.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer is the thinnest curtain material but gives privacy though not as much as other kinds of curtains.

You know what? They have the least amount of privacy. I’d recommend using a liner with these if you want more privacy certain times of the day.

An example of a type of curtain. The sheer curtain panel pair. The color is burgundy.
Monte Carlo Sheer Curtain Panel Pair – Overstock

Semi-opaque Curtains

Sitting between sheer curtains and blackout curtains are semi-opaque curtains.

They offer moderate privacy. More than sheer curtains but not as much as blackout curtains.

Copper Grove Grandiflorus Textured Fretwork Printed Curtain Panel – Overstock

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains aim to block as much light as possible. They often come with liners and offer the most privacy.

The material used is heavier than sheer curtains and blackout curtains are sometimes used along with sheer curtains. Sheer by day and blackout by night or vice versa.

Aurora Home Solid Insulated Thermal 63-inch Blackout Curtain Panel Pair – Overstock

Types of Curtain Rods

The next thing to consider when getting curtains is the type of curtain rods and how your curtain attaches to the rod.

I think that a rod is a rod but it’s the attachment style of the curtain that’s unique. It’s part of the stylistic appeal.

So lets break down the different styles of curtain based on how they wrap around or attach to a curtain rod.

Rod Pocket

Rod pocket curtains attach to a rod through and through. The top is usually sewn together with an opening where you push the rod through.

Eclipse Kendall Blackout Window Curtain Panel – Overstock

Grommet & Eyelet

These are curtains with large circular rings (eyes) in the top of the curtain.

Kendall Color Block Grommet Curtain Panel – Overstock

Tab Top

Tab top curtains have loops of fabric interwoven in the top of the curtain. It’s one of the curtain hanging styles where the curtain is literally hanging from the rod.

Jacob Tab Top Single Curtain Panel – Overstock

Hidden Tab

If you can’t decide between a tab top and a rod pocket then a hidden tab curtain is the best of both worlds.

With hidden tabs, the top interwoven loops are hidden with an additional piece of fabric.

ATI Home Bella Sheer Hidden Tab Top Curtain Panel Pair – Overstock

Curtain Styles

Different curtain styles go with different types of rooms. Your overall decor will help you decide which types of curtains to choose for each room in your house.


No 918 1-Panel Montego Casual Textured Grommet Window Curtain – Kohl’s


Classic Royal Design Embroidery Drapes Grommet 2 Panels for Living Room – BeddingInn


Modern Knotted Velvet 84″ X 50″ Window Panel, Pair – Bloomingdale’s


Lush Decor Riley Rod Pocket Curtain Panel – Hayneedle

You can buy curtains and drapes at any of the following online stores or at physical locations (where available):

If you want something different, you can also read our guide on the different types of blinds and shades.

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