39 Stunning Types of Houses (With Photo Examples)

There are 39 types of houses. These types include styles like mid-century modern houses, Georgian houses, and ranches. Houses are also defined by their purpose. For example, single-family houses, condominiums, and apartments.

A few of the different types of houses around the world. Pictured: Camper van, tent. igloo, lighthouse, detached house, cottage, villa, apartment building, terraced houses, castle, semi-detached house, and a skyscraper.

What Are The Different Types of Houses?

Single Family – Detached

a photo of a type of home: Single family detached.
Single Family – Detached Home

The single-family detached house is the most popular type of house in America. It is a house designed for a single family that sits on its own plot of land and is not attached to another structure.


A condominium is a group of homes within one building or a group of buildings that are on the same plot of land. An HOA or Strata Council governs the building. The main purpose of an HOA or Strata council is to maintain and enforce the regulations of the condo.

a photo of a type of house: Condominium.

There are two types of condominiums: A duplex is a two-story condo unit. Most duplexes are often two separate units joint together after renovation. But, there duplexes built that way from scratch.

a different type of house: Duplex (sub-category of a condo).

A triplex is a condominium where there are three units joined together as a single large unit. It can have three apartments, three floors, or three sections.

Different type of houses: Triplex (sub-category of a condo).


An apartment is usually a single level rental that is part of a large building of other apartments. The entire building is referred to as an apartment or apartment complex.

An apartment building with balconies. A type of house.
Apartment Building


A co-op, short for “cooperative,” is a housing arrangement where you buy shares of a corporation. You don’t own the property per se. You own shares in the corporation which in turn owns the property.

Co-op building


A townhouse, townhome, town house, or town home is a type of terraced housing. Most modern townhouses often have many floors (six or more) and are usually found in urban areas.

Town Houses


Bungalows are small houses, sometimes cottages, that can single-story or two-story. They have sloped roofing and wide verandas.



Ranches are popular types of houses in the USA. It is long, close to the ground (single-story), and has a wide-open layout. Usually seen on farmland.


A cottage is a small house that is usually seen in rural or semi-rural areas. The design is simple and sometimes old fashioned.



A chalet is a wooden house with a wide and sloped roof. These houses are popular in the Alpine region of Europe.



A multi-family house is a house with several separate units within a single building. But, it can also be several buildings within a single complex. The housing units can be next to each other or stacked. Most have a similar design to an apartment building.

multi-family home

In-law suite

An In-law suite can be a unit connected to the main home (basement) or separated unit (cottage) on the same property. There’s usually a bedroom and bathroom at least. But, it is not uncommon to see a sitting room or a small kitchen as well.

in-law suite


Carriages are single-family homes built on a plot of land large enough for the house to fit. Most carriages share the land with other homes of the same style. Also known as carriage homes or patio homes.

Tiny House

Tiny houses are residential structures that are usually under 400 sq. ft. The purpose is to live in simple structures to reduce debt and adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.

Tiny Homes

Mobile House

Mobile houses are homes prebuilt in a factory to be later transported to a site through towing or via a trailer.

Mobile Home


Mansions are large homes. Some realtors classify houses that have at least 8,000 square feet of floor space as a mansion.



Yurts are round houses made of waterproof material. The traditional yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt.



Treehouses are a type of house for kids built in a tree usually for fun. But, adults also build treehouses as their main dwelling space.



Castles are medieval buildings which were defensive homes for powerful people.



A château is a French country house. It was the house of a noble person. Sometimes compared to castles in England.


A villa can be 1. a country estate. 2. the rural or suburban house of a wealthy person. 3. a detached or semidetached urban house with a yard and garden space. 4. A resort.



A manor house was the main house of the lord of the manor. Like the French chateau.


Underground House

Underground houses are structures below the ground’s surface. It could be natural structures like caves or man-made structures.

Container House

A container home is any building constructed using shipping containers. These containers can be either be brand new or used.

Container House


An igloo is a type of house built of snow, built when the snow is easy to compact. They are also known as snow houses or snow huts.


A barndominium is a type of steel building designed as a storage building or barn structure. But, with the addition of living areas to the open space.


A palace is a grand house that was usually reserved for royalty or the head of state.


A log cabin is a small log house. It is a simple dwelling space usually having only one story.

Georgian Colonial House

Georgian homes in the USA were houses made of wood with clapboards. They had columns made of timber, framed up, and turned on an over-sized lathe.

Mid-Century Modern House

Mid-century modern describes homes designed during the middle of the 20th century. Somewhere between 1945 to the 1980s.

Mediterranean House

Mediterranean houses were popular types of houses in the U.S from 1918 to 1940. The houses had red-tiled roofs, arches, and plaster surfaces.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses were homes built by English settlers in the 17th century. They had steep roofs, chimneys, shingle siding, and symmetrical windows around the front door.

Queen Anne House

A Queen Anne-style home features a majestic and often irregular design.

Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival houses are symmetrical two-story brick homes built by early American colonists. They often feature dormers, spaced windows with shutters, and large entryways.

Tudor Revival Houses

Tudor revival houses feature half-timber framing and pitched rooflines. They also have masonry chimneys and embellished doorways.

Prairie House

Prairie-style homes have a low, horizontal design that blends with the surrounding landscape.

Neoclassical House

Neoclassical homes feature full-height columned front porches. The columns are often fluted and the capitals are usually ornate.

Contemporary House

The common features of contemporary houses are simple, clean lines with large windows devoid of decorative trim.

What Style of House Is Most Popular?

  • Craftsman Bungalow.
  • Cape Cod.
  • Ranch.
  • Contemporary.
  • The Mediterranean.
  • Queen Anne.
  • Colonial Revival.
  • Tudor Revival.
  • Townhouses.
  • Prairie.
  • Midcentury Modern.
  • Neoclassical.


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