Types of Oregano – Explanation + Visual Guide

Oregano has many uses for health and cooking. However, do you know what the different oregano varieties are? These are the 3 main types of oregano:

Greek Oregano

Greek oregano is one of the most common types of oregano used to flavor many Mediterranean dishes. It is also the variety that you are more than likely to pick up at the grocery store.

Greek Oregano.
Greek Oregano.

Italian Oregano

When you crossbreed common oregano and sweet marjoram, you end up with Italian oregano. Thus, it has a flavor that’s close in taste to both greek oregano and sweet marjoram.

Italian Oregano
Italian Oregano

Mexican Oregano

The Mexican oregano is not a true oregano plant. However, it is still used as such. The leaves of this plant produce a strong aroma and flavor and are used in many Mexican dishes.

Mexican Oregano

Ornamental Oregano

The oregano listed below are used for decorative purposes only:

  • Hop-flower oregano has lilac-purple bracts that resemble hop-flowers; it is used mostly for landscaping purposes.
  • Heiderose oregano has pink flowers and can grow up to three feet in height.
  • Compactum oregano has dark-green leaves and is used as a groundcover.
  • Aureum oregano has yellow leaves and is also a groundcover.
  • Kent Beauty produces tiny flowers and beautiful, large bracts.
  • Pilgrim oregano is an upright plant that has rosy-pink flowers.
  • Amethyst Falls oregano has purple bracts, hot-pink flowers, and a cascading pattern.


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