8 Different Types Of Shelves For Your House

Shelving types are perhaps the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking about your home. But, there are different types of shelves and each has a unique use and style.

Whether you use them to put your lights, as a replacement desk with a chair, for storage, or just for organization, here are 20 different types of shelves to consider.

Fixed Bracket Shelves 

Fixed bracket or suspended shelves are a common type of shelf. These are shelves that have fixed brackets installed in a wall (or other surface) which holds the shelf in place.

An example of a fix bracket shelf. A type of shelf.
In the photo is an example of a fixed bracket shelf. It’s 9.75 in. x 7.75 in. white elegant shelf bracket that supports up to 100 lbs. when mounted to wall studs – it’s available at The Home Depot.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves may look like a fixed bracket shelf but there’s a noticeable difference. Can you spot it?

An example of a floating shelf. One of the many types of shelves.
Here is the True Floating Shelf. The shelves come with brackets that are invisible when installed. They are made with high-grade pine. Each piece is its own creation with rustic character. The length of both shelves is 36-inches. You can buy it at Walmart.

If you look at the above image and the featured image at the top of this article, you see that there is no bracket holding the shelves up.

The nails and screws that keep a floating shelf secure are hidden from view. Of course, there are special types of screws to achieve this but the overall style these types of shelves bring is unmatched.

Built-in Shelves

An image of a built-in shelf. The Wood Farmhouse Barn Door shelf which doubles as a bookcase.
Pictured is the Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Built-In Shelf available for sale at World Market.  This piece is made of distressed solid wood with rustic metal accents that give it the look of an old barn door. With adjustable center shelves and removable shelves throughout.

Built-in shelves offer a lot of storage space without actually taking up too much space in your home.

Normally, you fit them in empty spaces or build them into corners of your house.

Some are made of different types of plywood, engineered wood, metal, etc. and are very easy to install. You just need to get the measurements for space you want to place the shelf and you’re good to go.

Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase Shelf.
Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase – World Market

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves come in many different styles and designs and they are great for, well, corners.

Gold Wood Decorative Corner Shelf.
This piece I found is called Gold Wood Decorative Corner Shelf. Its made with a sturdy gold metal frame and cascading solid wood shelf boards, it looks great displaying a variety of decor collections including photo frames, ornaments or books. – The Home Depot.

They aren’t nearly as big as built-in shelves so if you are low on space, then you can install a simple corner shelf instead.

The same Gold Wood Decorative Corner Shelf seen here with ornaments and toiletries. You can also get it at Wayfair.

Hanging Shelves

These types of shelves are what you would see hanging from the ceiling, the bottom of a cabinet, or from a wall.

This is the Littleton Hanging 2 Piece Wall Shelf Set. The leather straps are handcrafted in Wyoming from new, heavy duty leather and vary from medium brown to dark brown. The boards are reclaimed wood milled from recycled Wyoming snow fence planks that are custom whitewashed. – This piece is available on Birch Lane.

Hanging shelves are stylish and provide a simple way to clear up a cluttered room while not taking up too much space.

An example of a hanging shelf. One of the many shelving types listed in this article.
You can install the shelves on top of each other, next to each other, or on separate walls. Since these shelves are made from naturally aged reclaimed wood, natural imperfections such as worn edges, scrapes, knot holes, and nail holes are likely to be present. But, the imperfections only add to the natural look! Birch Lane.

Free-Standing Shelves

These types of shelves don’t need to be mounted or fixed to a wall. These shelves come pre-assembled or require minimal setup.

Pictured is the Mainstays No Tools Assembly 8-Cube Shelving Storage Unit. This white shelving unit comes in a selection of other colors and is easy to put together with no tools needed. – Walmart

Free-standing shelves are the most flexible in that you can move them around and fit them into other rooms or spaces around your home.

Pull-Out Shelves

I think of these as cabinets. Call them what you want but pull out shelves are another option if you are low on space.

Medium Wood Base Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer – The Home Depot. It’s easy to install with only 4 screws and the charming wood dovetail design is an excellent addition to any cabinet.

You can install them inside of your closet, cabinet, cupboard, etc. Wait, aren’t these drawers?

Stair Shelves

You can turn your staircase into a series of shelves or you can get a shelf that looks like a staircase. Either way, both ideas work.

This Manhattan Comfort Cascavel Stair Cubbies Bookcase has six open cubbies that stack into a modern stair style. You can mount it to a wall (brackets included), or leave it freestanding on the floor. It’s made from engineered wood and you can get it in your choice of available finish. As seen on Hayneedle.

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